Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

HILFE: Referat! (Meinungen Erwünscht)

Ich bin jetzt endlich fertig mit meinem Referat und jetzt würde ich euch gerne bitten mir zu Helfen. Es wäre nett, wenn sich vllt. ein paar von euch mein Referat durchlesen würden und mir meine Fehler sagen könnten oder überhaupt ihre Meinung dazu abgeben könnten. Ich würde mich über eure Hilfe sehr freuen. Es geht ja schließlich um Noten und da wär es toll, wenn so wenig Fehler wie möglich drin wären. Schonmal danke an alle, die sich die Zeit nehmen um es durchzulesen!

Also es geht um die Schweinegrippe!

First of all I’ll tell you something about the History of the “Swine Flu”

The virus called A/H1N1 isn´t new. It has already been there twice and it always caused millions of deaths worldwide.

The first time the virus appeared in History was in 1918-1920. The name of this flu was “Spanish Flu”. It spread nearly every part of the world and about 50 to 100 million people were killed worldwide. The pandemic lasted from March 1918 to June 1920.

The virus was shown up the second time in 1977. The so called “Russian Flu” appeared and caused 700 thousand deaths worldwide. It arised in May 1977 in North china and until January 1978 it was everywhere in the world. Mostly children and young adults died because of the flu.

Now, this is the third time the virus goes around the world. The outbreak of the “Swine flu” was in Mexico City. Immediately after the outbreak Mexico tried to avoid a worldwide epidemic. Flights were canceled and trades were halted, but this preventive measures didn´t stop the flu.

Why is it called “Swine Flu”

In 1930, the virus H1N1 was first identified in pigs. For those animals, it isn´t dangerous at all.

People, who had direct contact with pigs, had been infected in the past very often, because humans and pigs are similar to virus attacks, but those people didn´t contract other people.

The now surfaced subtype A of the H1N1 virus has developed. It is a mixture of pig, birds and human virus and it can also be spread from one person to another.

Now,I'm coming to my next point: The Circulation

The Swine influenza spreads out very quickly this time because of the high tourism and the good air traffic. The Flu came because of the high amount of vacationers to Germany. Many People were contracted (infizieren) in their holidays and they brought the flu from for example England, Spain and Croatia to Germany.

The flu is spreading rapidly! It is transmitted (übertragen) very easily and the number of people infected increases every day. The transmission of the flu is very easily: The virus nestles in humans and produces more than 100,000 new viruses! Through droplets when coughing or sneezing it "flies" to another person, or deposited on surfaces such as doorknobs, and comes because of the smearing effect on the next person. So if you don´t want to get sick, you should wash your hands very often and avoid places where many people are.


  1. Also ich muss sagen: echt gut.Bis auf ein paar kleine Fehlerchen bei der Groß-und Kleinschreibung echt klasse.

    "This brings me to my next point: The Circulation" das würde ich aber anders sagen."Now,I'm coming to my next point..." klingt vielleicht ein bisschen besser.Das andere klingt irgendwie komisch.Vielleicht zu wörtlich übersetzt ^^.

    Grüßle ♥.

  2. Gern geschehen :).

    Ja,stimmt ^^.

    Ok :).
    Freut mich,dass ich helfen konnte ;).

    Grüßle ♥.

  3. Kann mich da Luisa nur anschließen :)
    Was ich ändern würde:
    1. "... it can also be spread from one person to another person" Da kannst du dir das zweite "person" sparen, klingt dann irgendwie flüssiger.
    2. "... and the numbers of people infected become higher and higher every day" Das würde ich durch "and the number of people infected increases every day" ersetzen.
    3. "The Swine Influenza is spreading out very quickly this time. This is because of the high tourism and the good air traffic." Das "this is because" klingt ein bisschen holprig. Vielleicht kannst du da die Sätze einfach zusammenziehen: "The Swine influenza spreads out very quickly this time because of the high tourism and the good air traffic."

    Liebe Grüße :)